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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead "It was not in my nature to show violence or try to take another's life. It was, however, in my nature to save my own life and those of my loved ones."

For all my patience and intense anticipation, The Indigo Spell was really disappointing. I have no clue where to start from because there are so many things to point out and so many things to say. But I shall try.

The Indigo Spell started on a great note. It was the classic Richelle Mead move. Introduce the book in such a way that it not only excites you but really entertains you too and you just can't wait to jump into the book and get lost into it. The start was pretty simple, you have the conflict of the plot, you have your main protagonist, you have humour, you have the building of the plot and then you have , Adrian. *dies*
By this time , I'm totally into Adrian the plot and am this greedy old granny who wants to not be disturbed and just wants what she wants right at that moment. It was all very intense.

There are times when you're finally reading a book you were really excited for and while you're reading it, that feeling is really evident that there is something very very wrong and that it's not making you as happy as it should and as it intends to. This was one of those times. The midsection of the book was really bland for me. I'm not saying that this wasn't an enjoyable read because that can never be the case with a book that has Adrian in it. But then again Adrian isn't going to be everywhere! Oh but how I wish that that were the case....


What's worse is that I always ended up comparing the Vampire Academy series to this one and this whole comparing business, further made me not like this book even more. And the conflict? I'm sorry but I felt that the conflict was not that conflicting. I remember the doses of adrenaline I got while reading about Rose battling out the Strigoi or Rose going to hunt Strigoi or the Dimitri-Strigoi hunt or the let's-save-Lissa-stunt that Rose used to always pull or the whole goddamn series for all I know! But in this case, it is not. I know it's not fair to compare both the series or maybe it is or maybe not but honestly, it's the third book..how much longer is it going to take for things to finally take off? Or has the take off already happened because I'm not feeling it.

Another thing I don't like and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be shot for that. Okay. One. *Inhale* *Exhale* Two *Inhale* *Exhale* THREE!

I thought the end was a total cringefest and the Adrian and Sydney love angle? It's a given but I'm not a believer.


I shall discuss this further with the ones who have read the book but let's just continue for now.

Now where was I? Ah yes--Me and my disappointment. This isn't the classic-est book of all and that's pretty obvious but then there are fun things in it as well!

Hellooooo Adrian. *Whistles at him like a perv*

Adrian was his amazing self. Eddie was almost non-existent. Jill was well...Jill. Angeline was Angeline. And Trey was Trey , Ms. Terwilliger is a total badass and the character of Marcus Finch shows promise.
There were situations that did get me pumped up! Like the Jill-Eddie-Angeline love triangle. Oh dude. I am totally backing the direction it's going in. And Sydney's character has had a serious growth spurt.
I'm telling you. She isn't as annoying as she used to be and sounds a little human. And even though I found the book bland when it came to the matter of conflict and plot, the things in the book show signs of a pretty good storyline in future. Like for example, the Alchemist and Warriors of Light mystery and Jill's future. So things look pretty okay for now but then they always do. I'm hoping for a Shadow Kiss moment where I just die and go to paradise but that moment hasn't shown up yet and I'm seriously waiting for it. Seriously.

You must be wondering, dude what about the Sydrian moments?
Oh they're pretty good. VERY GOOD actually.
I was literally hyperventilating while reading. So much intensity. So much NEED. All our wait for those Sydrian moments has paid off. *sings*

Adrian is so sexy. *coughs*

ADRIAN IS A BOMB. bombbombombbombbombbomb.
I want to have Adrian for myself. That's what I want. I want him. Give me him. I demand him. Oh dear lord.

I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW. I need. I neeeeeed.

This review is actually the part of a joint review that can be found at YA Fanatic.

Edit 14/2/13

Before Reading..
So I'm thinking that , that is Marcus Finch , Sydney and Adrian in the cover?
Oh dear god , if there is another love triangle...