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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn After a lot of thinking, I've reverted my ratings from 3.5 to 3. And It could be because I think I don't like this particular genre very much. Infact, I think that I don't actually like it at all.

I've read a lot of New Adult books. And even though there were some really nice ones , I can't help but think how similar each one of them is. It's a really warped up genre actually. When it came to YA there was teenage angst. There was teenage drama. Insecurity. Self-confidence. And blahblhablah. When it's the Adult genre..well, we have lawyers. Lot's of Lawyers. Then we have the corporate world. The housewife. The divorcee. The successful. The poor....Just about everything that makes the world adult-y. When it comes to New Adult? We have sex. Lot's of it. What the kids couldn't do when they were in school is what they're successfully accomplishing when they're in college and oh boy..what a competition they give to the adults. What it usually lacks is the emotional or well, the psychological side of the book. I'm reading the part where the girl is explaining what's wrong with her and her life and it's pretty tragic and I'm thinking..'Why am I not feeling it?'

I feel the biggest problem in the New Adult section is the lack of conflict. But that is just me analyzing the genre on the basis of a few number of books I've read in the genre. Now I could be wrong or I could possibly be right since I'm totally awesome... But who knows?
This is what I feel. I feel that this genre is bland.
And this gets me to the point I was initially trying to make but just got sort of ranty since I'm honestly..kind of not happy. Because I freaking love Ms. Armentrout! Okay? I LOVE HER. I don't know what I would do without Aiden and Daemon! Seriously. I've gobbled my way through her books and have always had that huge smile on my face because what this woman writes is just so damn entertaining! Plus, she's a fast writer. So yes. She rocks.

Anyway what point was I trying to make? Ah yes! The point is that this story just didn't do it for me. While this book was entertaining as hell because it's not possible that any JLA book isn't..there always comes a time when as a reader all you want to do is get lost in the emotion and just feel..which wasn't the case in this one.

For a romance, Okay I won't deny it. HIGH SWOON ALERT.
Cameron Hamilton. Oh boy.
This guy had some serious moves and had it been me instead of Avery, the leading protag of the book, I would've pounced on him the moment I met him and would've never let him go.
Not just him but almost all the characters! Jacob and Britanny, Avery's bestfriends were a treat to read about and hell, we all love bestfriends don't we? These guys were totally badass. Then there was Ollie and Jase who didn't really lag behind because the way I see it..these guys are getting there own books too. Anyhow we'll be back on that later..but let's just talk about the characters for now.
Jacob especially was a favourite of mine. Half of my highlighted passages were things he said. This guy made me laugh like a mad lady. Total Fun. And Brittany was his amazing sidekick which was just fantastic because two is better than one, eh?

You all must be wondering? What about the main protag?
Well Avery Morgenstan and I have a business to settle.
I'd like to put a blanket on her head and smack her a lot on her head. While there were times where Avery came out as this person who I totally loved..there were times where I just wanted to shoot her.But I guess that it's okay. Her character growth came through and I was pretty satisfied till I reached the end of the book. Which is a good sign.

I was pretty happy with the end. Because not only was it all happy happy but because it promised us with two other books in the series, which I feel is seriously awesome. Now I'm not sure if there are two books, because I just saw a single book that is Teresa's (she's Cam's sister BTW and her character was small.But promising.) and Jase's book. I think. Oh it better be. I can't see anyone else. And it better NOT be anyone else. Because then I'll have to shoot somebody.

And that brings me to the end of this review.
Would I recommend you to read it? Yes. Because it's entertaining and even though it's lack of conflict sounding not like a conflict pissed me off and Avery managed to make me want to pull me hair..I still liked it. Plus, I'll bet you want to read about Teresa And Jase. Because I've noticed that the books that have secondary characters become primary characters are actually much much better than the books that have them as secondary characters. Do you get what I mean? Yes? No? Ofcourse you do.

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