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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Rating 3.5

I'd like to pat myself on my back because writing a review for this book hasn't been an easy task. It's a given that this book is heartbreaking. And I was quite prepared for it. But alas, things never go according to the plan and there I was , a crying-snot-blubbering heap of heartbreak.

I had initially written a huge review for this and it was pretty fantastic. I had just about managed to explain all my feelings and thoughts about this book but my stupid laptop turned itself off and all my emotions? Poof. Gone.

There was nothing left. NOTHING.

Right now? I'm sad.

I'm sad because The Infernal Devices is a series very close to my heart and that it isn't easy saying goodbye to a series you love. With unforgettable characters, vivid world building and a highly engrossing journey through the Victorian Era in London , The Infernal Devices is something that is to be cherished forever. The fact that I won't get to read about Will , Tessa , Jem , Sophie , Charlotte , HENRY! , Gideon , Cecily , Gabriel , Bridget..(and oh the list just goes on.) makes me even more sad. Sure, they might be mentioned somewhere or the other because that's the way Cassandra Clare rolls but it wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't.

Clockwork Princess beats it's predecessor by a mile when it comes to character development. There were times while I was reading Clockwork Princess and I would read about a certain character and I would wonder as to why I never liked this character before. And then realization would strike home because it is in this book that each character gets a well deserved platform.
Also, the imagery spun by Ms. Clare never fails to surprise me. The Victorian Era has been portrayed so beautifully that I couldn't help but feel mesmerized. Wales is now on my list of 'Beautiful Places to Visit before you die.'
What's also so spectacular about this whole scenario is how much this trilogy in itself has affected each one of my emotions. A few years ago while cursing and whining about the disaster that was The City of Fallen Angels , I would've never guessed that a few years in future I'd be so deeply affected by the prequel of the series that had started out pretty great but later started to throw nothing but crap at me.

When I talk about emotions , I try not to think much about the love triangle. Because let's admit it. It was pretty epic. There was something so beautiful in the pain and heartbreak that came with each page and I just couldn't help but fall more and more in love with this book. Will , Tessa and Jem are unforgettable characters and there were times when I just wanted to crawl inside the book and soothe their pain. This whole complication could be understood so well. All three of them lived for each other and if it came to that, they would even die for each other. Will and Jem's relationship was the highlight of the whole book. If,like me , you've ever wondered the dynamics of the Parabatai bond , things get pretty clear after reading this one.

Some may wonder that if I did love Clockwork Princess so much and that according to me , this book beats Clockwork Prince then why is that Clockwork Prince received five shining stars and that this one just about managed to bag three and a half stars?
I'll tell you why.

Just because I feel everything doesn't mean I like everything I read. That end was beautiful but it wasn't something that sat well with me.

I've always loved Will more than Jem. Infact, I had never cared about Jem. But then somewhere during Clockwork Princess, I grew to love him and got used to watching Jem and Tessa together. My heart did ache for Will but for then. I was fine. Is it just me or was the way how Tessa and Will got together very wrong? I mean seriously, you both, Jem just died. It also felt very unnatural to me and I thought that this was probably never going to work. That was until I read the epilogue.

The first half of the epilogue brought back to me the Old Will and the Old Tessa and I saw how they were always meant to be together. Jem's road to Silent Brotherhood killed my soul but the settlement between Tessa and Jem of maintaining a frienship was something I accepted and it felt right. Will's last days and the scene where he died, just about broke me. It shattered me to pieces and I cried buckets and buckets of tears that had a mind of their own and just didn't stop coming! They wren't happy tears neither were they sad. I call them my tears of satisfaction. This book probably would've been a five starrer for me if it would've ended right then.

But no. It didn't.

The second half of the epilogue where Jem gets cured and where Tessa and Jem get together was a big 'WHAT?' moment for me. I understand how Clare wanted to give a happy ending to everyone and I also understand how everyone wanted Jem to have his deserved happy ending but this was a boat that shouldn't have sailed. Atleast for me.
Let me explain it to you.

I'm a die hard fan of the OC and even though it's been gone for years, I still watch it's episodes on my laptop like an addict.


So in the OC, there was Ryan and there was Marissa. And they loved each other. They were cute. Disastrous. Funny?
They belonged together. That was until Marissa died.

Ryan was alone.

But then , Taylor came into his life. And they fell in love and I was happy for them and I even liked how they were with each other.
But there was always that nagging feeling that Ryan could probably never love Taylor the way he loved Marissa. And their love was intense. It was powerful. While Taylor and Ryan made each other happy, they would never be like Marissa and Ryan.

And this is what I felt here. After what happened between Will and Tessa , I could never a imagine a future for Jem and Tessa.
Because it just couldn't be the same.

Sometimes, a tragedy needs to be left alone. You tell me, would Romeo and Juliet be Romeo and Juliet if both of them had never died tragic deaths?

Although this book had it's flaws and I had my issue with it, this experience has been nothing but epic. This is a series that deserves to be cherished. And Cherish it, I will.