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Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi Read this review and many other things at YA Fanatic.

This book is SO epic.

I can't even begin to explain how many times I gasped in surprise while reading this book. And gasping was always something that puzzled me. It's just that I've come across many books which has their protagonists gasping over things I can't even seem to understand why needs gasping ,because in my mind, I had no clue as to what the hell was so 'GASP' about that whole damn scenario. So naturally, when I had not one , not two but THREE gasping moments (and these are the ones I noted.) , I just had to stop reading and register that moment of triumph which occurs when you know that the author just fooled you. Or in this case, nailed you.

I will be honest. Shatter Me wasn't the greatest book I read and it was only after reading Destroy me that I thought that I probably should give Unravel me a try.

Sometimes, I just want to shoot myself and take my brain out and kiss it until I die.

Gross, I know. But who cares? Whatever triggered my actions to actually order the book and read it is something I'll forever be indebted to.

And also. Warner is unmistakably the finest piece of YA awesomeness I've come across in a long , long time. Sorry badass protags of YA, but this guy just beat all your asses for the top spot.

I'm usually blown by books that are what their prequels could never be. I'm sorry, but in this case, Unravel Me annihilated Shatter Me. My experience of reading Unravel Me was almost like me sitting in a theatre and watching a movie.

So let's go step by step shall we? And I promise you , that there are no spoilers.

So I crack open the book and start reading it. Which is like me sitting in a theatre when the movie starts and all the lights go off. The first half is interesting but the characters are making you gag of uselessness. You hate the main girl and you hate the main guy. You just hate hate hate. And you know that THIS is going to be a disaster.It's just because of that one character (Kenji.) who's so awesome that you could just fall in love with again and again that you continue to have hope. And just before the first half is going to end..BOOM! You read or er, see something that totally wakes you up and you're like 'Oh Oh Oh OMG. WHAT WAS THAT. So cool.' and then suddenly...


Now you know that things are going to be Badass with a capital 'B'.

So you arm yourselves with popcorns and drinks and dive headfirst into the movie. Or in my case, the book.

You're on the second half now and it's like..it's like you're in a different world. The girl is changing. And you can see the damn change. She is evolving! The story is evolving! Everything is evolving and then there are those moments I mentioned before, GASP! So many GASP moments. And you're dead and floating in heaven.

And then the thing ends. AND YOU NEED THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW.

But there's that thing for now.

That satisfaction. That smile. That THING.

There is so much change. Even Tahareh's writing seems to have evolved and grown. It's all such a beautiful mess and I'm afraid I'm going to cry happy tears.

And the love triangle?

I will Shatter, Destory and Unravel anything that doesn't let Warner and KENJI! have his happy ending.

While we all know about Juliette , Warner and Adam, I personally felt that this book was all about Kenji. He owned this one. More than anyone, he was the one who intrigued me and I just knew that this guy was going to do wonders! And wonders? My heart needs to be in the damn ICU.

Some want Warner.

Some want Adam. (Pfft..who am I kidding? NOBODY wants Adam.)





Give me this guy. Please..Please.

There were these other characters as well who did an amazing job but right now I can't think straight because my mind is consumed with Kenji and Warner. (Sorry Kenji, but the blonde god is badass.)

The thing is you need to read this book. I don't care if you didn't like Shatter Me but you need to read this book. YOU NEED TO. Plus, you get to know what Warner's first name is. I'm sure you want to know THAT , don't you?
IF you're a person whose already read it. Please ignore what I just said above. I'm not always that violent.

And did I tell you that Juliette and I are on their way to become best buds?

Yes. Even I can't believe how warped up my brain is.


I love you so much dear book.

Okay insanity over. Bye.