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Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend - Cassie Mae,  Becca Ann RATING- 3.5

Reasons I fell for the 'Reasons I Fell For The Funny Fat Friend'.

1. I felt like I was suspended in a delicious mix of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. Everything was so sweet and nice.

2. It's always nice to see a guy appreciate a girl in each and every way. Right from those warm hugs to the way she talks and the way she walks and her way of looking at life and handling it and the way he feels with her and the way SHE makes him feel. *sighs*

3. If a guy says that he craves you in the least creepiest and the cutest way possible. MARRY HIM.

"I press my forehead against hers, locking her in my gaze. “You are so beautiful. Inside and out. I don’t just need you. I crave you. Everything about you. You are the only person I’ve felt this way about. You’re my best friend.”- Brody.

4. If his craving doesn't convince you, then this definitely should, "Reason 13: I'd beat the crap out of my own flesh and blood for you."

5. "Reason 23: You're as horny as I am."<----Am I the only one who finds this funny? This book was hands down hilarious and equally adorable.<br/>
6. A romance like this has always been my fantasy and to see it play out this way made me extra gooey and happy!

Now, you see. Brody is the kind of a guy an average girl generally dreams of. One that doesn't judge you. One that stands by you no matter what. One that bears your wrath even when both he and you knwo that it's your fault. Also,he's hot. (Apparently he has abs and pecs and he's tall. So physically he's a homerun.) That being said, he's your everyday guy. He's horny. He's insecure. He's bored. He stares at a girl's bum and even admits it. He's a cliched dirty-room keeper. But, he's cool. To him, it's what inside that matters and this is something he realizes along the course of the book. Right from the beginning we know that he has the hots for his brother's ex-girlfriend and when Hayley decides to mentor him and help him, he soon realizes that what he feels for Hayley is so much more than what he feels for the girl he's behind. He finds amazingness in her bizarreness. He appreciates her perception. He is responsive and it was all so very real. His thoughts made sense. If he thought that Hayley was an irresistible hot-mama, then she was! HE made me believe in everything he said and in everything he did. I loved this guy!

Now for Hayley?
Since this was from Brody's POV and I was deeply infatuated with him so I couldn't think about anything else. So sorry, Hayley. Though, I will say this that I appreciated their dynamic and since a relationship is a two-way street, thank you Hayley for being fantastic.

TRIFFTFFF (God.) , was fast paced, engrossing and I finished the whole book in one sitting! I was enjoying the ride and I just didn't want to let go of it. It's not the best contemporary book I've come across, but for a rainy day or ,at least for me, any day in general, it's a treat to read.
With a hilarious tone to the book with tons of cute elements, The Reasons I Fell For The Funny Fat Friend is a total winner!