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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma Two words to sum up Forbidden:

Fucked up.

So SO fucked up.

It was so fucked up that I can’t even tell you how much of a mindfuck this book was and how much this entire book fucked with my feelings.

You see, I have a kid brother. He’s a nice, sweet guy. I love him. He’s the best.

And then came Forbidden.

Don’t worry. I don’t have those twisted feelings for my brother because for the love of god, HE’S MY BROTHER.
Also, he’s a kid.

My brother and I share this beautiful relationship of sibling love and funny rivalry and the thought of incest makes me gag. Is Incest normal? HELL NO. Is it repulsive? Uh, duh. Should I encourage it? Ok. I take this question back because it’s all kinds of wrong. But do you see what I’m talking about?

If the idea of incest repulses me so much then why was it that when I was reading Forbidden, that I felt that maybe in Maya’s and Lochan’s situation, it wasn’t so bad.
Ms.Suzuma has managed to take something so wrong and turn it into something so tragic and sad and weird and nice?
Nice, some may ask? I felt so much pain while reading this book. It wasn’t just the contents of the book that pained me but the whole concept of the storyline. This was my first book with incest as the primary element and I just knew in my heart that I’d either end up hating it or loving it. Right now I’m at a very Fork-in-the-road situation.
When I started reading Forbidden, all I could think about was how does one end up falling into an unnatural situation such as that of Incest?
Dysfunctional family? Hormones? Psychological disorder? Loneliness? Who knows.
But the fact that a person comes to a situation where the heart finds a lover in sibling is the saddest thought of all.

There were two sides of me while reading this one. One that felt like throwing up and one that kept on contradicting the other side by saying that, ‘WHAT IS SO WRONG IN IT? IT’S THEIR FUCKING LIFE!! LET THEM BE TOGETHER!’ (There was a third side which was sobbing because the whole situation was so tragic and sad. But lets ignore it for now.)

Do you catch my drift?

If a book can divide you in such a way when even the irrational side of seems irrationally irrational then you know that you’ve either hit jackpot or that you’ve made a mistake.
And, right now? I’m wondering if this book was spectacular or was it the weirdest book in the worst way possible.

I wouldn’t say much about the characters. All I can say is that I felt sorry for each one of them. Except, the mom. THAT ASSWOMAN.
Maya and Lochan are tragic characters. And this entire book is a tragedy. Emotionally? I was battered. Maybe I was overthinking each element or maybe it was just the book. But here’s what I’m going to ask myself.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, yes I did.

It’s weird. The language of the book sometimes felt too nice for teenagers to me but honestly, I didn’t mind. I don’t know where the book went, because I was flying through it. I was so curious to see how this one would end , and GODDAMNIT. THAT END. Poo on you, Suzuma. As if I already wasn’t feeling bad for them. I love tragedies and this was something that took tragedy to a whole new level.

As for recommendation? Dude, I was curious. Ergo, I read.
For you all, think about it.

Oh and about the fork-in-the-road problem? I guess I’m leaning on the side of wonder.